Blotched snake

Elaphe sauromates
Лазающие полозы

Blotched snake (lat. Elaphe sauromates) is a species of non—venomous snakes from the snake family (Colubridae). Previously, it was considered as a subspecies of the four—striped skimmer - Elaphe quatorlineata sauromates.
The average length of adults is 1.2—1.5 m, large specimens can reach 2 m. The dorsal side of adult snakes is brownish-yellow with rows of longitudinal dark spots. There is a dark spot in the middle of each light scale. The ventral side is lighter, monotonous — from pale yellow to bright yellow and orange.
Distribution and lifestyle
The range of the Pallas's poloz covers the territory from the eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula to Asia Minor and western Kazakhstan. They prefer open landscapes, often adhere to colonies of small rodents, whose burrows are used as shelters. The species is characterized by two-peak daily activity. Pallas's skids are listed in the Red Book of the Volgograd region (under the name of four-lane skids) as a rare species at the northern limit of the range.


Sarmat chipor iloni
Elaphe sauromates
Полоз узорчатый
Elaphe dione
Naqshdor chipor ilon
Elaphe dione
Палласов полоз
Elaphe sauromates